Newtonoid™ Impact Technologies

We have innovative solutions based on proven physics and designs with real world applications for the Smart Home and Auto industries. Our patents include Absorbud®, a simple, yet powerful impact absorption technology and Absorbar™, an independently tested sound-reduction system for Residential and Commercial window applications.

Sound Transmission Illustration with and without Absorbar™ Impact Absorption Muntin

Impact Absorption and Sensor Devices

Absorbud® Windshield Protection System

Our patented Absorbud® Impact Absorption Device utilizing Newtonoid™ Technology is a solution that has implications in the Auto and Smart Home Industries. Some of the potential uses for the Absorbud technology are:

  • Automotive, Truck & RV Windshields
  • Impact Resistant Windows
  • Alarm Systems
  • Sound Activation Systems
  • Absorbar™ Window Muntin
  • Sports and Combat Helmet Technology

The Absorbud® Impact Absorption Device, utilizing NEWTONOID™ Technology, has been independently tested and proven to significantly improve safety glass performance.


Drop Test Illustrating Accelerometer Results on safety glass with and without the Absorbud® Impact Absorption Device.

Beautiful Windows • Smart Technologies

Windgo™ Smart Windows

WINDGO™ Smart Windows enhance and expand smart home and security system technologies. Customized features and installation options make these ideal for residential or commercial applications.

The WINDGO™ Smart Windows exclusive grid intersects contain a variety of smart home features never before seen in replacement windows.

Our patented Absorbar™ Window Muntin is designed to increase STC and OITC ratings by reducing impacts on and between glass in thermal windows, and improve glass impact absorption performance.

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Newtonoid™ Impact Technology

Windgo™ Smart Windows apply Newtonoid™ Impact Technology to reduce sound & physical impacts on glass.

Our system is independently proven (Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories) to increase the STC Ratings in thermal windows.

Who is Newtonoid™ Technologies?

Newtonoid™ Technologies is a team of solution-driven individuals that find unique and creative ways to solve real-world problems with technology.

Fielding Staton

Fielding Staton

Inventor | CEO

Dr. John A. Dorsch

Dr. John A. Dorsch

Partner | COO

Tim Sherwood

Tim Sherwood

Partner - CFO

Newtonoid Technologies, LLC, has been granted multiple US and foreign patents; other domestic and foreign patents still pending.

US 8,695,955, US 8,789,818, US 8,899,562, US 9,476,478, US 9,759,286, CA 2843879, CA 2844972, China ZL201420111762.4, MX/A/2014/002984

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